Hispanic Business Connections

Create New Business Relationships That Grow Your Company in the Hispanic Market

Hispanic Market. Reach the Hispanic Market
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Reach the Hispanic Market
  • 50 Million Hispanics
    in the United States
  • 14 Million Hispanics in California
  • Hispanics Account for Nearly Half of Kern County's Population
  • National Purchasing
    Power of Over
    One Trillion Dollars
Create New Business Connections
  • Over Three Million Businesses Owned by Hispanics
  • Unique Atmosphere for Business Networking
  • Weekly Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Profitable, Long-lasting Business Partnerships
Bring in
  • Non-Competitive, Exclusive Business Referrals
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    in English and Spanish
  • Quality Leads that Grow your Business
  • Extension of Your Company Sales Force
  • A Local Business Network You Can Rely On
  • Business Help & Advice
  • Forum for Exchange of Business Ideas
  • Advocates & Promoters
    of Your Business
  • Focus on the
    Hispanic Demographic

Welcome to HBC!

Looking for professionals and business owners who are passionate about the new business opportunities created by the growing local Hispanic market? Then welcome to Hispanic Business Connections! Hispanic Business Connections is a highly supportive business network centered on promoting and encouraging the growth and expansion of local businesses focused on the Hispanic market by providing a forum to meet and exchange ideas and referrals among business owners.


Why Choose Us?

Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing market segment in Kern County. And according to the 2010 Census, Hispanic-owned businesses are growing at a rate three times faster than non-Hispanic businesses. While other referral networking groups tend to largely overlook the Hispanic demographic, we are excited to make the growing local Hispanic market a priority in our organization. Your company can't afford to miss out on the local business opportunities created by professional networking in the Hispanic market.


How Does it Work?

Every week we bring together highly motivated and enthusiastic business professionals who are focused on the local Hispanic market. Here we create the perfect networking environment necessary for building mutually beneficial business relationships that result in consistent business referrals. Because we only take one person per professional specialty, HBC ensures a non-competitive, exclusive referral process. Contact us today to join Hispanic Business Connections before your category is taken.